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Glen Goodman

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Writer - Speaker - Broadcaster

Investing & Future Finance

"Glen has a unique talent for simplifying complex finance, so anyone can understand it."

Maryam Moshiri, BBC Business Presenter

Glen Goodman on BBC News
Media Commentator
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Conference Speaker
The Crypto Trader 
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About me

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I'm Glen Goodman, an investor and former TV Business Correspondent. I was employed by ITN and the BBC, Britain's largest news broadcasters. Life was good, I got to cover big breaking news stories and look all smart & serious on the telly (see smart photo). So why did I give it all up? Because I was fired. No not really, I quit because my investing hobby had been generating a decent annual income for quite a while so I no longer needed to have a job and quite frankly investing is super-fun.​


I've been investing for two decades and like most novices I made some costly mistakes in the early years. But unlike most novices, I stuck with it, read several shelf-fulls of books & articles, and started making good money. I wrote for The Times (of London) about my not-entirely-wise early experiences - you can click on the article for the full story.

Since those wild trading days, I've learned to make money in a more steady, consistent fashion. Buying promising investments and holding the winners for significant lengths of time is the simplest, least time-consuming and most effective way for non-finance-professionals to make real money and even earn a proper living from the markets.

It sounds simple in theory, but actually putting it into practice successfully year after year without taking too much risk is a very careful balancing act. To master all the key elements, I had to pull together centuries of ideas from market masters, some still well-known and some out-of-print and fiendishly hard to get hold of.

So why am I prepared to share all my secrets in The Crypto Trader? Because they're not secrets. It's the combined wisdom of many of the best investors, boiled down into a system that works for me and I hope it works for you too. The more successful small investors there are, the less power the professional fund managers and bankers have over us. And if you are actually a top banker, please go away, you've got enough money already.


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